How To Raise Mini Cows For Prepping And SHTF

There are times in life when being small has its advantages. You need to eat less, you take up less space, and you use fewer resources – all important aspects to consider when keeping a sustainable future in mind. However, we aren’t talking about humans here, but rather mini cows – and your small plot of land will benefit greatly from these smaller, docile bovines.

Cuteness aside, mini cows are a wonderful addition to your family farm or homestead for several reasons. Self-sufficiency and self-reliance are first on the list, followed quickly by the saying that “size matters”. A mini cow will produce less milk and meat, on far less land, than the standard size of the same breed, and that is a good thing when your aim is to produce solely for your family. The quality of milk and meat will remain the same, or even increase, as you are able to provide higher quality pastures that are not overgrazed and over trodden.

Raising miniature cows is growing in popularity as people move back to the land, regaining control of food production and at the same time deciding that enough is enough! With quite a few breeds being on the


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper