How To Prepare Your House Against Looters

Editor’s note: Back in August we posted an article on how a veteran would prepare their home for a SHTF scenario. It would be fair to say this article generated some comments, and they weren’t all agreeing with what it said. Quite a few people pointed out that preparing a house for defense, military-style, is pretty obvious. If you’re screening your windows with chicken wire, putting barbed wire obstacles in the yard and digging foxholes in an outer defense ring, everyone’s going to know you’re prepared to fight to keep intruders out of your home.

Of course, some people are going to wonder what you have in your home that you’re so determined to protect. If you’re bugging in, the answer is pretty much everything – your gear, your food supplies, your water source and your home itself. That’s a tempting target for looters or desperate refugees; is fortifying your house, and showing the world you’re ready to fight for it, actually going to put you in more danger?

That’s a question that probably doesn’t have an easy answer. At the point where your home is attacked, you’re more likely to successfully defend it if it’s been prepared like the article


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper