How To Practice For Bow Hunting

Bow hunting is a challenging sport that takes serious practice and preparation. Here are a few helpful tips before setting out.

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Practice Before You Hunt Use Your Rangefinder to Sight in Your Bow Learn How to Accurately Pace Off Your Yardage Set Your First Pin at 20 Yards Figure Out Your Maximum Limit for Your First Sight Pin Sight In Your Second Pin at 30 Yards Practice at “Odd” Distances Between Pins Don’t Forget to Practice at Close Distances (5, 6, 7 yards) Practice the Shots You Know You Might Take Bow Hunting Tips for Your Next Whitetail

Practice Before You Hunt

If you set out on a hunt without sighting your bow beforehand and spending several hours practicing your shots, you’re likely to have a disappointing time. As with just about everything in life, with bow hunting, it pays to be prepared.

Learn how to properly use your bow hunting gear to help hone your skills in becoming an effective bow hunter.

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1. Use Your Rangefinder to Sight in


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