How to Practice for Bow Hunting

Bow hunting is a challenging sport that takes a lot of practice and preparation. If you set out on a hunt without sighting your bow beforehand and spending several hours practicing your shots, you’re likely to have a disappointing time. As with just about everything in life, with bow hunting, it pays to be prepared. Here are a few bow hunting tips before setting out.

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Without Ever Compromising Your Position. Bow Hunting | Try These Tips Before Hunting for Your Next Whitetail 1. Use your rangefinder to sight in your bow.

Your rangefinder yardage should match exactly how your sight pins are set. That’s what you’ll be using in the field. Always consider the durability, battery life, distance range, and features when choosing your rangefinder.

2. Learn how to accurately pace off your yardage.

Apart from your archery equipment, knowing how to accurately pace off your yardage is very important. Don’t guess and don’t rely on a hunting buddy to tell you how far something is.

3. Set your first pin at 20 yards.

On a whitetail hunting setup, start out by setting your first pin at 20 yards.


Originally posted on Survival Life