How To Make Yeast For Long-Term Storage

Yeast has long inhabited the planet Earth, a simple organism that is hundreds of millions of years old. It plays a vital role in the creation of alcohol as the fungus turns sugars into the intoxicating brew of choice. Without yeast there would be no beer, wine, vodka, champagne, what have you.

This ancient fungus lives in the world all around us and we need only create an environment that it likes, to take advantage of it. Most people buy yeast in its dried form from the supermarket. This is because it’s the fastest method for getting your hands on usable yeast. Its dried and activates in minutes.

While home brewing has become very popular, with the advent of craft breweries, yeast is used mostly for rising bread and baked goods. Pizza crust is one of the most popular uses for it. When you have genuine sourdough, you are tasting the regional flavor of the combined yeast and water of the area. These are all important parts of using it. It adds things.

So how does it make bread rise? Well, as it consumes the sugars and breaks them down the yeast releases gas. Yes. Little single celled gasses are what make


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper