How To Make The Mini Metal Foundry

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There are lots of things in this life that simple. We should all strive towards a more simple life. It makes everything better. You might look at this foundry and wonder, why on earth, but it is a multifunction DIY project. 

From a prepping standpoint, you are going to be able to cook with hot coals in this foundry which makes it an off-grid cooking and water boiling opportunity.

Materials Steel Bucket Plaster of Paris Play Sand 1 inch steel pipe Hole Saw 5 gallon bucket Instructions

(remember, always wear eye protection and don’t leave skin exposed when melting the metal, see our disclaimer before proceeding).

Your first step is to set up a work area that could get messy. You are going to mix 21 cups of play sand and 21 cups of plaster with 15 cups of water and mix thoroughly. Do this in a 5-gallon bucket. This is your fire-resistant base and will make up most of your foundry. 

Pour your refractory


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