How To Make Antiseptic Sugardine To Treat Wounds And Inflammation

If you have been around horses, or know someone who has, you might have heard of sugardine. It’s a popular antiseptic often used on horses. But, more and more people are also using on on themselves now as well.

Sugardine is a natural antiseptic that utilizes the antibacterial properties of iodine and pure sugar, which works to help in both preventing and treating infections. And, in addition to being a great natural treatment, it’s also very easy and inexpensive to make. Two ingredients…that’s all it takes. This, along with its practicality, makes it a popular choice among preppers.

Tradition has shown sugardine to work well on horses for ailments such as thrush, laminitis, abscesses, and various other wounds. When used on both horse and human, it has been efficient in drawing out the infection, as well as improving drainage. And it also has been linked to promoting growth of healthy tissue.

The Ingredients and Their Significance

The ingredients are simple and inexpensive:

Table Sugar 10% Povidone Iodine

The use of sugar in a highly-concentrated form, hinders the growth of bacteria, as it sucks out the damaging moisture out of the wound. Moisture promotes bacteria. So, when it’s not present, the bacteria


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper