How to Make a # 10 Can Oven

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How are you with your hands? You know, it may seem like an old question but what can you do with your hands before they start to blister and bleed. Moreover, how innovative can you be with your mind and what can you fashion from scraps. These skills all lead back to your ability to adapt. We can never have enough emphasis on the fact that adaptation will rule the day in a disaster scenario. Its just the reality and if you try to avoid it you could wind up like the many others who were unable to adapt throughout the ages.

This is a simple DIY article that may change the way you look at the things in your food storage pantry. Did you even know you could make a #10 can into an oven? Well, at the end of the day, you can turn anything into something you need if you understand how it works and what you need.

How to make a


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