How to Know your Freezer Lost Power and Thawed While You Were Away

If your home loses power while you are away, it will probably come back on after awhile.

You may be away on vacation, a trip, or an evacuation from a hurricane (for example).

Though you may have a clue that the home lost power when you see all your digital clocks flashing (the one on the microwave, the stove, etc,) you won’t know for how long.

The food in your freezer or refrigerator might have reached room temperature (maybe for a long time!). And that will most certainly risk bacterial growth and foodborne illness.

There are a few simple ways how to know if your freezer thawed.

Freezer Temperature Alarm

It’s not an alarm exactly, but it will let you know if the freezer thawed.

Take an ice cube or two and place in a sealed plastic bag or a see-through sealed container. Put it in the freezer.

Note: It is important for the bag (Ziploc) or container to be sealed so that the cube or cubes don’t evaporate.

If the freezer thawed, the ice cube (or cubes) would partially or completely melt from their original shape. The result would either be a badly misshapen cube or


Originally posted on Modern Survival Blog