How to Hunt With Just About Anything

A guest post from Scott Huntington to The Prepper Journal.

Life is unpredictable — you never know what kind of curve ball it will throw at you. But if you can’t roll with the punches, you’ll have a hard time surviving. Sure, there are “proper” tools for hunting. But sometimes you just don’t have them with you. Sometimes you have to work with the things you have on you. Here are four alternative hunting weapons that may end up being life-savers later on. We’ll start small and then work our way up.

The Spear

We’ll start off at the times where you don’t have anything but what’s around you. The spear is an age-old weapon that is easy to craft, and deadly to use. While it can require a good deal of strength to use, and may not be the most accurate — spears are great to use for their relative stealth, ease of construction and utilizing the materials most likely at hand.

You’ll need to work on your stalking and still hunting skills if you want any success. Stick close to tress, brush, and whatever can block your silhouette. Try as much as possible to find an area


Originally posted on The Prepper Journal