How To Heat Your Room With Vegetable Oil

The “yellow jackets” are rioting in France. God only knows what is coming for us in 2020. America seems to be cozying up with the idea of civil unrest. You could even make the argument that rubble will be the biggest resource on the world stage.

It’s easy to understand how, without a major disaster, we could find ourselves slowly slipping into a collapsed society where commerce has failed, and the buildings are hollowed out from flame.

This brings us to the topic of this article. In a bleak future like the one I mentioned, dealing with cooking and heating your home in the winter will be a challenge. If we sit idly by and watch the world descend into chaos, we won’t have the convenience at our fingertips.

I set out to play around with the creation of a super simple, heating and cooking system from as few items as possible. The goal was to see if I could both heat a room and boil water with a super simplistic improvised heater.

The results were very interesting, to say the least.

Where I Started

The fuel source was vegetable oil. While cooking oil is not an abundant prep in most


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper