How to Dry Plums for Long-Term Storage Just Like Grandma

We have so much information at our fingertips these days that we often forget to tap into a great source of knowledge that has been in front of us all along – our grandparents. And, with all the new trends in foods and recipes, the true art of creating the best foods and memories often gets pushed aside, sadly.

My grandparents have long since passed. But, while I have many fond memories in and out of the kitchen with my grandmothers, I have regrets that I didn’t pay closer attention and take more notes about what they were doing.

For example, my grandmother was well-known in our community for her pies, yet she passed without any of us securing her recipes, primarily because she rarely wrote them down.

However, both grandmas did their share of canning and preserving fresh food to store for future use. It was done out of necessity in those days, because they lived through the deep depression. They wouldn’t ever let anything go to waste, and wanted to be able to provide good and healthy food for their families throughout the year.

Fortunately, I still have my mom who lived that lifestyle on a daily basis –


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper