How To Determine When It’s REALLY SHTF instead of a ‘blow over’

A MSB reader recently said,

“Where I live Semi Rural there is enough currently reported lawlessness, illegal drugs and people living paycheck to paycheck unable to replace a flat tire IN THE MIDDLE of Winter driving on a donut spare… to give me reason to be concerned.”

Most “Well Off” I see are living by the Credit Cards and minimum payments. When the SNAP Cards and such stop it will NOT BE PRETTY.

For MYSELF the big concern is deciding when to raise the drawbridge. To know enough to act decisively to the level of committed defensive actions.

– from ‘NH Michael’

Ken adds:

He brings up a very good topic for discussion. And one that is as serious as a heart attack. Many preppers may be avoiding this issue or have false notions about it. However regarding defensive security of one’s ‘castle’, you better think


Originally posted on Modern Survival Blog