How To Cook In A Cactus

We all know the importance of keeping plenty of food on hand to get us through a crisis. Stockpiling food is usually the first thing that any of us do as preppers – and it’s something that we keep on doing, long after many of our other preps are in place. But having food and having a way to cook it are two different things. Without the ability to cook it, much of that food will be worthless.

Of course we all have cookware in our homes, as well as barbecue grilles, fire pits and other places to cook. But what if we have to bug out? I carry a complete set of backpacking cookware in my bug out bag, but I see an awful lot of lists which don’t include that. Rather, it seems that there are a lot of people around who think a couple of pieces of aluminum foil is all the cookware they’re going to need.

Well, I’ve cooked in aluminum foil. It works. At least, it works the first couple of times. Then the foil gets ruined and you don’t have anything to cook that tasty packet of ramen in. What are you going to do


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper