How To Convert a Regular Toilet Into An Emergency Toilet

Converting a regular toilet to emergency toilet is easy, cheap and could bring some normality into any disaster situation.

I am sharing this as I think this could just make a personal or full blown disaster have some normality. Hygiene will be paramount to survival along side food and water… Take advantage of having a toilet and keep the bucket at bay for a while!

Firstly shut off  the water if you still have it…. Flush the water out of bowl. Then line the bowl with a 13 gallon plastic bag

. Duct tape all of the edges.

You can add a few cups of kitty litter to the bag (read my other article on why stockpiling kitty litter is very useful) or simply pour some bleach in the bottom of it. You can use plain old dirt from your garden too


Originally posted on SHTF Preparedness