How To Build An Urban Survival Kit

Take time to build an urban survival kit before your vanity kit. An urban survival kit is a must for city survival, with all kinds of natural and man-made emergencies which could inevitably occur near you. These urban survival tips and tricks, along with a checklist of urban survival equipment and tools, will help!

Build an Urban Survival Kit and Be Ready Every Day Urban Survival Skills are Actually Useful

When you hear the words “survival situation,” what springs to mind? For most people, they immediately imagine some kind of emergency in the great outdoors: lost in the woods, or perhaps a camping trip gone wrong. Survival kits typically reflect this public fascination with wilderness survival. This was true even as far back as 1986 when John Wiseman released “The SAS Survival Handbook” – the book often credited with popularizing the idea of a survival kit. Wiseman’s readers were encouraged to stock up on fishing hooks, how to track animals and general campsite craft.

Problem: None of this is useful to the average person living in an urban environment. Read on to find out how you can be prepared for any disastrous event in an urban setting.

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Originally posted on Survival Life