How to Build a Silencer for .308 Rifle

This article was gladly contributed by author Andrew Garfield.

.308 rifle is a most popular rifle across the shooters or hunter’s world. When it is about long-range shooting or hunting then .308 rifle is the top choice to the hunters or shooters.

If you own or planning to buy a .308 bolt action rifle, you probably thinking to have a silencer. Not necessary to buy, you can make it at your home and we are going to tell you how you can do it.

When you talk about how to build a silencer for .308 rifle at home, some people mistake you for a dangerous and unlawful person.

But that isn’t necessarily true.

All naysayers aside, homemade silencers are perfectly legal, as long as you meet certain criteria of law.

States and countries have different criteria. So, it’s important you know what your particular jurisdiction says about making rifle suppressors at home else you end up in trouble. Some jurisdictions require you to fill out form 1 and pay a tax stamp for each silencer.

How you make a silencer depends in no small part on a baffle design.

There are two ways you can make baffles.

One way is to


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