How To Build A Salt Water Distiller | Survival Life Guide

How would you like to make your own salt water distiller from the simplest materials? When you’re in the middle of nowhere and waiting for rescue to arrive, you always have to prepare for the worst possibilities to survive. Below, you’ll find out how survival desalination is done — using only very minimal resources and the sheer will to survive.

Salt Water Distiller | Make Your Own Improvised Version  What You’ll Need: 2 bottles of water A pair of metal trays Homemade rocket stove Beach Sand

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Step 1: Set up the Metal Trays

Photo by NightHawkInLight / CC BY

To start with your salt water purifier, position the metal trays in such a way that the two bottles rest mouth to mouth. Cut a notch on one side of both trays, so the neck of the bottles can sit a little lower in the pan. Suspend one of the bottles over a heat source. For example, here, a homemade rocket stove is shown.

Step 2: Fill the Trays with


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