How to Build a 50 Dollar Greenhouse

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Growing food is critical to any version of prepping plans. You know, it is a limited part of your food supply because of the four seasons but, you can affect that. One of the best ways to affect that is to start growing food in a greenhouse. 

See how to build this fantastic greenhouse for around 50 bucks or less if you can use your head!


Of course, most people struggle with this idea of paying hundreds of dollars or more to buy or fabricate a greenhouse. What if you could build a greenhouse for $50? Sounds pretty appealing, right? 

It’s possible. 

We are going to look at creating a greenhouse for just $50 in this article. If you are interested in a list of ingredients, this is what you need. 

What you will need!

Each      Qty    Total
$4. 23   6        $25.38           20′ x 3/4″ PVC schedule 40 plumbing pipe
$6.70    6        $40.20           1x6x8′ pt


Originally posted on SHTF Preparedness