How To Baton Wood With A Survival Knife [Video]

Learn how to baton wood and split them into smaller sizes even without a chainsaw or ax in this video guide!

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How to Baton Wood of Any Sizes at Camp Ax vs. Knife for Wood Batoning

While an ax is the best tool for splitting woods, when you’re out camping, you just can’t bring an ax with you. That is, if you like to travel light and knows the best a good survival knife can do.

An ax requires space not only for carrying but in execution, too. When you need to put it into action, you’ll need to do it in a wide and open space. So if you’re out camping and it starts to rain, you cannot use it in the shelter of your tarp tent.

The Best Knife for Batoning Wood

Splitting logs is important when you can’t find smaller sized wood or kindling to fuel your fire. Sometimes, there is only bigger wood available, and you’ll need to split it.

To split wood, you’ll need the right knife — the best tool for


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