How Do We Prep for Possible Gridlock

Seriously, as preppers how do we prepare for government gridlock? While I need to set the stage this post is ultimately about some steps we can take as preppers as to how to cushion the impact from the ramping up of the blind hate that has defined our media and our government this past decade. It contains some suggestions as to how we might shield our self’s from the actions of the irresponsible that can so profoundly affect every aspect of our lives. How do we insulate our self’s from the actions of others that are intended to obstruct business as usual?

The Stage

Stories abound that the incoming House of Representatives leadership already has eighty-five (85) subpoenas “in the wings” for the Executive Branch, due to be unleashed this week. The singular clear intent being obstruction with the intent of impeachment. The period they are looking to some dozen years ago, when this President was a Democrat, fails to registered on their closed minds. The incoming Attorney General of the State of New York has gone public that her office will investigate “everything Trump” as one of her priorities. In the formerly Free United States of America the


Originally posted on The Prepper Journal