How a Simple App can Get Kids Prepared

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What if I told you there was an app that could get kids outside and thinking about preparedness? Would you believe me? For some reason parents think that they should not be part of the children’s relationship with the electronics. In fact, most of the time kids have their “screen time” while parents have their own.

Not all games or apps are tailored towards making kids couch bound, overweight creatures with drool on their chins. Instead, if you integrate yourself and outdoor activities in these apps you can really find some gems.

One such gem is the Geocaching community. The Geocache app is basically a world wide treasure hunt.

Get Outside

Its harder than ever to get kids outside. The world of entertainment is strong and its just getting better. Video games are more immersive than ever and kids are falling deep under the trance.  Geocaching is a game of seeking out GPS located caches that are made to be found. They are in urban


Originally posted on SHTF Preparedness