Homesteader? How to Tweak the Way You Do Things to Prepare for SHTF

If you’re a homesteader, chances are you have already discovered the joy that comes with being able to produce at least some of what you need to survive. Many people decide to homestead to get out of the busy, rat race of the city life. Some people homestead to be closer to nature, get back to simple basics of our ancestors, or out of a love for animals.

As a homesteader you realize that there will be periods during each year where produce and meat are scarce. To plan for lean times, homesteaders have learned about long term storage and how to home can or otherwise preserve excess food to sustain the family during the leaner winter months each year. Sometimes as a homesteader it can feel like every day is about putting out one “fire” after another. But most homesteaders understand that every skill learned moves one closer to self-reliance and that living frugally reserves limited budget and resources for future projects.

But homesteading is very hard work. If you get sick or injured, the work on the homestead falls behind and an extended period of down time could cause you to lose your garden, your livestock,


Originally posted on The Survivalist Blog