Hardiness Zone Map and Frost Dates for your Growing Season

Your growing season is basically determined by your climate. Growing season factors include your geographical location, elevation, temperature range, first and last frost dates, daylight hours, and rainfall.

The growing season is often summarized as the days between first and last frost.

In parts of the northern United States this might be roughly April/May to about October. In milder regions it might be roughly February/March to November or longer.


Here are a few online tools to help determine finer details of your growing season.

Planting Zones

The USDA Agricultural Research Service updated and revised their Hardiness Zones Map for the United States during 2012. It’s now more specific with finer resolution and specific interactive information with granularity to your local region.

The Plant Hardiness Zone Map can be used as a tool to determine which plants are most likely to thrive at a location.



Originally posted on Modern Survival Blog