Halloween Flameless Candles

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Image Credit: instructables.com

What gives a Hallows eve that creepy glow. Is it the harvest moon off in the distance. is it the flames of a bonfire on a chilly night? What about the strange candles that burn in a witches windows. The candles used in spell. The type that might lure in an unwilling child to their demise. When I look at these cool flameless candles in this article I cannot help but think all of these things. These candles look the part and they are fire free which is a wonderful thing when it comes to not having kids knock them over.

This is a wonderful little look at how you can be effective in creating new and terrifying decorations for your home this Halloween. So many people think they are not creative or do not have the ability to make something like this. You will surprise yourself.

Halloween Flameless Candles


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