GSL Tech – Boss Emergency Suppressor

If you recall, I got a chance to visit GSL Technology back in August. There I learned that Greg Latka, founder and owner of GSL Technology, was the wizard behind the curtain at Gemtech. One of the things Greg designed and developed was the Gemtech Aurora. Well he has continued to develop his original design and now that they have received patent pending, I can share the secret behind the Boss emergency suppressor.

Some of Greg’s old work with Gemtech. At the back you can see the original Aurora on the left and the Boss on the right.

The Aurora was never designed for civilian use. Only a few left over pieces were sold to the public. The Boss and the Aurora were designed by Greg Latka as an escape and evade emergency suppressor. It was made for the Military and can be used for Law Enforcement. Plain clothes officers could carry a suppressed handgun with a Boss attached. The Boss works great for home defense as a hearing protection device. Anyone who has shot a 9mm handgun indoors without hearing protection knows how small rooms can magnify the loudness and cause hearing damage. With the Boss, you can


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog