Grayboe Stocks Now Provides In-House Custom Shop Work

Grayboe Stocks now provides In-House Custom Shop Work to supplement the already diverse assortment of high-end stocks they offer to the shooting market. These services should fill a niche for customers with unique asks such as left-handed shooters, odd barrel contours and those seeking improvement in their bottom metal.

A Press Release issued by the company can be read below:

October 10th, 2018 –Glendale, AZ – Grayboe Stocks is pleased to announce the opening of the Grayboe Custom Shop to fulfill the rising demand for options like left handed stocks, custom action inlets, aftermarket bottom metal, and various barrel channels.

With a multitude of custom actions, bottom metal, and barrel contours available, Grayboe Stocks is answering the demand for a high-quality low-cost stock in the custom bolt action market. Customers can now order any Grayboe Stock for a variety of custom action inlets, bottom metal, and popular barrel contour combinations. Inlets will also be available in right or left-hand with a variety of custom paint or hydro-dip finishes.

Grayboe will be offering a fairly wide array of available inlets for firearm owners and that initial, comprehensive list can be viewed below.

grayboe stocks – available inlets Bergara


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog