Gathering the Family Before Evacuation

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In order to execute any kind of bugout or evacuation you have to first gather all of the people in your party.  As Americans, we spend much of our time separated. Its not common for the American families to be splintered down to the individual on a daily basis for 8 hours, or more, at a time.

Now that we are being honest about the landscape of our situation, lets talk about some steps we can take to get the fmaily together and get out of dodge.

This situation is very, very unique to all families. There is no book for this problem. Instead, you have to look at your personal situation and create a family gathering plan that will get you all together as fast as possible and get you on your way.

Set the Rally Point

Step one is where you set your rally point. This is one of those areas that is very unique to your situation. The question you have to


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