Gasoline Siphon Pump – 3 Excellent Choices

How many of you at one time or another wished you had a gasoline siphon pump? Ever got a mouthful of gas doing this? Read on…

There are plenty of scenarios where it may be useful to transfer gasoline from one tank to another.

– Siphon or pump the gas from another tank
– Winterizing / drain gas tanks / run engine till stall
– Lawn mowers, tractors, snow blower, ATV, etc..
– Get gas from another vehicle
– Transfer gas from car to can or lawn mower
– Empty stale gas
– Siphon gas from car into your generator
– Preparedness (see below)



Gasoline Siphon Pump ( Manual pump )

Siphon Pro XL – Largest Siphon for Water – Gas – Diesel – SEE VIDEO – USA

This transfer pump has the largest siphon bulb of all.

Note: Siphoning requires that the source tank be higher up than the container


Originally posted on Modern Survival Blog