FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Want Natural Night Vision Without Goggles? Chinese Eyeball Injection Can Have You Seeing In The Dark!!

Back in 2015 a biochemistry researcher, Gabriel Licina, volunteered to take Chlorin e6 eye drops to biohack his eyeballs for natural night vision. Fellow TFB writer Richard L. wrote an article about your actual Natural Night Vision. Well, recently scientists in China and the University of Massachusetts have developed an eyeball injection that allows mice to detect infrared light without compromising regular vision.

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The video above explains how the scientists are using nanoparticles injected into the eyeball that convert IR light into visible light. Sort of like how night vision goggles work. Mammal eyes, yes that includes us as well, can only see in a narrow field which we call visible light spectrum.

That range is around 380nm to 740nm. NVGs can see 800-1000 nm as well as visible light. IR light can be detected by human eyes but it is dim and looks red. Ever notice the lights in a night vision security camera have a red glow? That is IR light. If you look at the NIR spectrum it is close to the red spectrum of visible light.

In the recently published Cell article, these scientists developed ocular injectable photoreceptor-binding upconversion nanoparticles. These nanoparticles


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