Flying with Firearms – Updated Policies in Orlando

A number of TFB readers first got to know me in very early 2018 when my three instructional articles about Flying with Firearms appeared on the blog.  (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)  Since that time, many of you have written to me with tales of your own treatment in our nations’ airports, and I never tire of emails or tweets from the field when the TSA or the airlines give you a smooth – or not so smooth – experience in your travels.

I’ve been on just over 70 flights this year so far, almost all of them with firearms in my checked luggage. Most have been incident-free, but every so often things do not go as planned.

And while I hate to paint a whole state with a broad brush… Florida airports have been among the biggest offenders for me and my team this year.

On multiple separate occasions, my colleagues and I have had locks cut off our gun cases by the TSA in Florida… particularly at MCO – Orlando International Airport.  Much of this has to do with the fact that, maddeningly, sometimes airline employees would acquiesce to our request that we wheel our gun


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog