Fish Nets are Serious Prepper Food Sourcing

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Have you considered aquaculture for sourcing protein? While we have all tasted the TVP in our freeze-dried meals, it’s safe to say that we are going to want and need more than that in a long term disaster.

TVP is textured vegetable protein and while not inherently dangerous, its also not inherently tasty.  So after about a month of it, you might be looking for alternate protein sources.

Aquaculture is the raising of fish for eating and use in your garden. It’s a tremendous undertaking and not everyone can afford or handle it. However, its the old fish in a barrel scenario.

No matter how you slice it, fish is the easiest protein to obtain. They just offer up so much to the average person and they are limited in how they can get away. While many like the prospect of fishing because it can be passive or even fun, fishing is a core skill in terms of disaster preparedness.

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Originally posted on SHTF Preparedness