FIRST SHOTS: The New Dead Air Armament Nomad 30 Silencer

No, it is not the weekend quite yet. Whereas we usually like to share our heavy silencer news, information and analysis on TFB’s Silencer Saturday series, today we have a special treat. Kicking off the season of new NFA product announcements is Dead Air Armament with the new Nomad 30 – a lightweight, modular 30 caliber suppressor built to live on everything from a carbine to a hunting rifle. With a variety of mounting solutions, swappable end caps, flash hiders and brakes, the Nomad was designed to be an affordable workhorse that doesn’t add on any unnecessary weight or length. How does it perform? Stick around for TFB’s first shots to find out.

FIRST SHOTS: The New Dead Air Armament Nomad 30

The Dead Air Sandman-S is widely regarded as a suppressor that can take ruthless punishment while still providing superb decibel reduction on multiple platforms. As an alternative, the Nomad 30 was designed for shooters looking for a lighter option who don’t necessarily need the multiple mag-dump capability or sustained heavy rates of fire afforded to its skinnier Sandman cousins.

For years I have preached far and wide that ultimate sound reduction should not be the end


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