First Look at the Trijicon VCOG as a SHTF Optic: a Little Light Abuse

I’ve been searching for a good SHTF optic for my AR-15, and for most folks who are into prepping (go ahead and snicker but we both know your pr0n habit isn’t the only reason you’re clearing your browser history), something by Trijicon is at or near the top of their “if I could just have one optic” lists.

I’m looking for something that, when paired with the right AR-15, can get me from CQB distances comfortably out to at least 400 yards with my 43-year-old eyes. The Trijicon VCOG, being a 1X-6X variable-powered scope, is perfect for this role.

Since I write about guns and I have a hookup, I managed to get one of these bad boys in for T&E, and then I got busy and sat on it for most of the summer. For a few months I had the scope on a rifle in a soft rifle case that I dragged on a family vacation and a few range trips, but in general, I haven’t really used it seriously because I’ve not yet had the chance to bring it on a hunt.

Then this week rolled around and I decided I really want to get it


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog