First Firearm: Considerations For Your First AR15 Rifle

TFB’s First Firearm Series is dedicated to those that haven’t yet taken the plunge into firearm ownership, or for the particular firearm at hand. So, if you’re looking at getting your first AR15, I hope we can ease any confusion you may have. The current market for the AR15 pattern rifle has heavy aftermarket support and affordable price ranges on rifles and accessories alike.


I’ll admit that for quite some time after I became interested in firearms, I shied away from the AR15. At the time, I figured I could buy other semi-auto rifles for less and I didn’t feel like “going with the flow.” However, when I wasn’t satisfied with the options I’d chosen, “better” non-AR’s were a lot more expensive and didn’t really offer much more performance or features than an AR15. I finally realized that I wouldn’t find the aftermarket support, tried and true history, and customization ability in another platform for the price I was able to spend.

The AR15 has been commercially available for over 50 years and the military versions have seen active service as primary weapons for soldiers, sailors and marines for just as long. This isn’t


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog