Fire Control At Your Finger Tips – SIG Sauer’s One-stop Solution For Accurate Long-Range Shooting

1. The BDX app puts information in logical order. 2. Storage for 25 ballistic profiles means less prep and more shooting.

Cutting-edge technology built into rifles, optics and ballistic calculators are enabling long-range shooters to harvest astonishing group sizes at far greater distances than once ever imagined. However, the resulting stampede to market by manufacturers has given endusers — seasoned pros and new comers alike — a steep learning curve. What should you use? How can you take full advantage of the latest suite of precision-shooting technology? SIG Sauer has just made the process more intuitive and less expensive.

3. The bullet library has both the big brands and small shops included. 4. Applied Ballistics software goes to work once all the data is entered.

The One-Stop Shop

SIG Sauer’s new line, called the Ballistic Data Xchange (BDX), takes the confusion out of selecting and using all the tools necessary to be a precision shooter. There are two components that require purchase: a scope and a rangefinder. Then, you download a free app to a smartphone for the complete hat trick.

5. Recalculating holds is almost instantaneous as new targets are ranged. 6. Holds are visually created for rapid


Originally posted on Guns and Ammo