Featured Deals of the Week – #2

Weekly Deals Roundup II – Mossberg 500 12-Gauge, M&P Sport II 5.56, 420 rounds of 5.56, Glock Magazines, and the Ruger LCP

Deals of the Week number two, now with mags and ammo!

Image Provided by Sportsman’s Outdoor Superstore

What the deal is:

The deal is it’s a Mossberg 500, one of probably the two most popular shotguns in America. This comes with an original stock and heat shield installed, as well as a pistol grip kit. It’s a pump-action 12-gauge with an 18″ black-finished barrel and a 3″ chamber, and holds 5+1 rounds. The weight was unlisted, but based on similar products on Mossberg’s website the weight is probably 6.75 lbs.

Why it’s a good deal:

It’s on sale for $249 at Sportsman’s Outdoors, from it’s $399 original price, a discount of $150 and just under 38%. Interestingly, this specific model appears to have been discontinued by Mossberg, as it’s Manufacturer’s ID (50515) no longer appears on the Mossberg website, so there is no MSRP to compare it to.

Image Provided by Smith and Wesson

What the deal is:

M&P Sport II rifles are excellent entry and mid tier AR rifles. It has a


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