FB Radom Unveil MSBS Bullpup Line

Many of you will remember back when the MSBS first appeared at trade shows it was available in both the traditional rifle configuration and as a bullpup. While the MSBS-5.56 has been adopted by the Polish armed forces and has seen continued development, the bullpup variant appeared to have fallen by the wayside. Well at the International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO 2018 exposition in Kielce, Poland, FB Łucznik Radom have unveiled the latest prototypes of their MSBS bullpup.

According to Frag Out the latest bullpup prototypes have been lightened and improved with the weight reportedly decreasing from 4.05kg (8.93 lbs) to 3.6kg (7.94 lbs) which compares well with the standard rifle’s 3.7 kg (8.2 lb).

Photo showing the earlier MSBS bullpup prototype (top) and the latest prototype seen at MSPO 2018 (bottom) (Frag Out)

According to Frag Out the improved bullpup has an improved monolithic M-LOK forend, the top rail is slightly longer, some re-profiling at the rear of the receiver has removed some weight. The magazine release has been improved with the pressure needed to eject the magazine spread more equally. The same trigger found in the standard rifle is now used in the bullpup model with only two parts


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog