FAB Defense COBRA Stock for Glock Pistols

Zahal, an Israeli firearms accessories web store who also sell the FAB Defense products, has published a video demonstrating a new pistol stock design called Cobra. Apparently, this is a new FAB Defense product. It is a collapsible and folding stock that attaches to Glock 19 or Glock 17 pistols and folds forward.

The deployment of this accessory is a matter of just pulling it back and with some practice, should be done as easy as shown in this video.

[embedded content]

The description on the Zahal website states that “the stock is used by undercover law enforcement & security personnel worldwide“. I suppose the company considers the LEO community to be the primary consumer of this product on the US market, too. While being a cool little gadget, I am afraid that attaching this to your pistol will convert it into an SBR which will dramatically limit the civilian market size for the Cobra stock. I wonder if it is legally possible to make a brace based on this design.

Whether it is due to the design of the folding mechanism or it is deliberately made so (or maybe both), the U-shaped portion right in front of the buttstock


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog