Eye Protection: A Non-Graphic Reminder To Cover Your Eyeballs

The title image from Dallin Prisbrey will hopefully spur some self-reflection for those that still don’t wear eye protection when shooting. Fortunately, for Dallin, he was not injured to bring us this good reminder that eye protection is a necessary piece of equipment when shooting. Dallin had been shooting his Glock 19 at AR500 rated steel targets. He guessed he was about 10 to 15 yards away and said that the steel was hung at an angle with chains. Dallin said that a fragment ricocheted back and broke the lens of the Streamlight TLR-1HL mounted on his pistol. Having a fragment strike his light with enough force to break the lens gave Dallin pause to reflect on how just a slight change in trajectory could have directed the fragment to his eyes.

There is some debate about how close is too close for shooting steel targets, but even beyond the distance most would consider “safe” is still in range for small fragments to pepper those standing behind the shooter. Even if you’re not shooting steel targets, eye protection is still highly recommended due to the fact that guns are machines, and all machines are prone to malfunction eventually. Then there’s


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog