Essential Pieces of Gear to Have In Every Emergency Survival Kit

Discussions or guides that offer recommendations about what supplies and items you should have in what quantities in to order to survive a given type of disaster are common. No two crises and climates are alike, and so this format has merit. Differing climates and situations mandate different approaches. I myself might have written more than a few paragraphs just like that.

But today instead of another specific, customized deep-dive assessing what kit you’ll need to survive a particular crisis, I’ll be presenting a generalist’s list of gear that I consider mandatory no matter what situation you’ll be facing and how you plan to cope with it. Bugging out or hunkering down, alone or in a group, wildfire or blizzard, atom bomb or active volcano, the following items are valuable in literally nearly any circumstance you could encounter, or rather, hopefully avoid!

These have all been chosen with emphasis placed on lightweight, multipurpose designs that can fulfill two or more objectives at once. So in the bunker, on the road or on foot all of these items are worth your coin and room in your pack.

A Word on Importance of Place

The items on this list are presented in


Originally posted on The Survivalist Blog