EOTech Factory Tour Part 1 – EOTech History And HWS Systems

For the first time ever, EOTech opened its factory doors in Ann Arbor Michigan to the media. We were invited to attend this unprecedented event and got to learn what made EOTech one of the top optic companies used by US Military and see how they make their flag ship Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS) as well as what changes they made since the Thermal Drift issue.

EOTech Factory Tour Presentation: Holography 101

The media event started with a presentation by their Chief Marketing Officer. She explained the history of EOTech and its roots in Heads Up Displays (HUD) for aircraft and helicopters. Did you know that “EO” in EOTech stands for Electro Optics? In the History slide below, EOTech started from a program at the University of Michigan. This is why EOTech is based at Ann Arbor.

Their first commercial product was the Bushnell Holosight back in 1996.

It wasn’t until 2005 that SOCOM and the US Marines adopted the HWS along with the US ARMY Stryker Brigade and 101st Airborne. In the same year, L3 Technologies acquired EOTech.

In 2010 EOTech introduced the EXPS model of HWS which now came with side buttons. Six years


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