Engineered Crisis: Who Really Controls America and Your Future?

Editor’s Note: This article is written by Giurgi C. and does not necessarily reflect this website’s options and beliefs.

A major crisis could hit the USA in many ways. An impact by an asteroid, mass civil unrest sparked by some unforeseen event, an outbreak of disease, freak weather conditions or an attack by a foreign power are all potential ways the S could HTF. All of them are hard or impossible to prevent, even for the US government, and all could see us being thrown on our own resources – if we’re prepared enough to have those resources.

There’s an even worse possibility though. What if the crisis comes, not because nobody could stop it, but because someone deliberately engineered it? That sounds like something straight out of the craziest conspiracy theories, but could there be some truth in it?

The first question you’d probably ask yourself is who would want to engineer a crisis? Surely events like the 2008 financial crash are harmful for everyone? Well, no, they’re not. For example if you’re a bank that’s about to be brought down by bad debt, a crisis might be just what you need. When things are good the economy can cope with


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper