EMP Attack Survival and Preparedness

Surviving an EMP requires diligent planning. While the basics of survival are all the same no matter what type of disaster you are most concerned about, planning to maintain as much functionality as possible after and EMP, does mandate taking a laundry list of specific precautions.

Before you can adequately prepare for an EMP, you must be well-versed in not only what an electromagnetic pulse is, but what it will do to our technology-dependent modern society. If an EMP attack happened tomorrow, would you be ready to suddenly find yourself living in an 1800s era world? If not, please read on, because that is exactly what will happen if such a long-term (really, really long-term) disaster is inflicted upon us.

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What Is An EMP?

Electrical current is produced when a conductor maneuvers through a magnetic field. This type of activity happens every single day, when the massive generators at power plants churn out the electricity that powers our lives.

But, when the reverse happens, when a magnetic field passes through a conductor, an electromagnetic pulse is generated. If


Originally posted on The Survivalist Blog