Edibility Test: Find Out Which Backyard Weeds are Edible

As a prepper, you probably already know that some weeds are edible. However, if you don’t know to tell the difference between the edible ones and those that are unpleasant – or even harmful – to eat, you’ve probably avoided any experiments with weed cookery.

Many people have already added edible weeds to their diet, though – and some of them believe this goes beyond just being a survival skill. Some weeds can be quite tasty, as well as nutritious. And, if you are concerned with survival, adding nutrients to your diet is a useful bonus.Now, if you are ready to venture out into your backyard or local park to see what parts of nature’s out-of-control landscaping might be edible, read on for some valuable information.

Edible Weeds Can Also Be Bad for You

I don’t want to confuse you before you even get started, but even some edible weeds should never be consumed. So, before we get into testing to see if a weed is edible, make sure to avoid weeds found in the following conditions, whether they are considered edible or not under normal conditions:

Weeds near a road – many of the plants along a roadway have absorbed


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper