Doomsday Realty and Survival Shelters

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Each week there is a bit of news about preppers. Though many people believe the group to be a marginalized bunch of nuts, they cannot seem to look away. That is because the average person knows enough to understand the threats that we face. They know there is something to all this prepping.

This week in prepping news a reinforced home called Hard Luck Castle was highlighted. This cylinder shaped home is a combination of radically thick rock walls and beautiful interior design. This place is built in the deserts of Nevada and will cost you $900,000.

To the average person this is a rare thing, a doomsday castle for sale, but there are whole companies out there selling “doomsday” or survival realty. While its not a category for everyone its something worth taking a look at.

So what does survival realty look like?

Mountain Homes

Naturally you are going to have lots of homes in secluded areas and in the high grounds. These isolated


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