Don’t Overlook Coffee as a Staple in your Prepper Supply

While we may not all be daily or regular coffee drinkers, not addicted to a daily “Starbuck’s” fix, coffee in its whole bean and ground forms has a place in prepping supplies.

With the introduction of “energy drinks” coffee has real competition for that morning “wake up” call, especially among the coming-of-age generations.

However there is an additional downside to energy drinks, when you also consider the salt, sugar, and other ingredients they introduce into your system. And while coffee may indeed be the same dose of caffeine ounce for ounce, depending on the brew, coffee does have some other valuable uses for preppers.

Most prepper neglect this valuable commodity by investing insufficient time and resources to stockpile coffee.  In fact, preppers should give coffee a deeper look as a high priority item in their stores.

Being a prepper means that we are willing to take responsibility for our own safety and security. After all, we do know that it is still beneficial to prep even if disaster never comes. Some pros would include helping you to save a bit on grocery shopping as you get good at spotting deals and you can save on your utility bills when you install


Originally posted on The Prepper Journal