Don’t Let Your Gear Weigh You Down

When you’re headed out on a trip into the wilderness, packing light is essential. The last thing you want is to be weighed down with extra, unnecessary gear, especially if you plan on doing any extensive hiking. At the same time, anyone who’s been camping before knows the feeling of leaving a necessary piece of gear at home — it sucks.

The goal when camping is somewhere between these two: Pack light, but don’t forget the essentials. Here are a some items to make sure you bring with you, but that won’t weigh you down.

Cooking Gear

While cast iron is normally considered the gold standard for camping cookware — and it is a great, durable, and long-lasting addition to any camping box — it is also extremely heavy. If you are planning an expedition in the woods, you need to consider this.

Hiking trips with cast iron skillets in your pack are miserable experiences. It is often a better idea to trade these out for lightweight mess kits and a few choice cooking utensils. A tremendous amount of cooking can be done with tin foil, which weighs virtually nothing. You will need something to cook with, and


Originally posted on The Prepper Journal