Do Today’s College Students Know What The 1st Amendment Really Is?

I watched the following video this morning posted by I was ‘hit’ by the reality of the extent that our indoctrinated young people do not know or understand our Constitution and our rights as Americans.

This reality does not bode well for our future. Why?

Because you might say that the Constitution is ‘just’ a piece of paper. If it is not read, understood, accepted and enforced by ‘the people’, then it’s only worth the paper that it’s printed on, so to speak.


When the apparent majority do not know the Constitution (in this case the First Amendment) it becomes easy to sway or bend their beliefs.

An eventual result (which we are experiencing today) is the gradual loss of freedoms. The slowly boiled frog doesn’t know any better, right?

The dark forces against personal freedom are (and have been) leveraging this to their advantage as they ‘progress’ with their socialist/marxist agendas. We’re witnessing it happen right in front of our eyes.

We are now seeing politicians openly displaying their true socialist/marxist colors. They’re not ‘afraid’ of hiding it anymore. They must feel that they’ve sufficiently indoctrinated and gathered enough of the sheeple to


Originally posted on Modern Survival Blog