DIY Simple Steel Target Hack For Night Shooting

If you are fortunate enough to have access to a range that let’s you shoot at night, then shooting targets in the dark is one of the most fun and challenging things to do with a gun. Lately my friends and I have been shooting well into the late night. However I am the only one with night vision, so I came up with this steel target hack to help my friends shoot at night.

So a problem arises when trying to see things in the dark especially when they are far away. Most weaponlights are not designed to light up targets past 100 yards. My friend Kyle got the new Surefire Duel Fuel Scoutlight and we tested how well it works at throwing light downrange. While 1500 lumens is a decent amount of light, the problem is that the reflector is too small. Small reflectors are not designed to throw light down range. And more lumens does not help all that much. I found that my older KX9T turbo LED head works better at throwing light down range. Even though the KX9T head is 1,000 lumens when paired with a decent scope I can see a steel target at


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog