DIY Chicken Feed Indicator for PVC Chicken Feeder

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The keeping of yard birds is one of the best things you can do to get into self reliance. Its an easy adventure and one that creates a viable daily protein without having to kill an animal for it. For the squeamish or for those who don’t want to be cruel. Having the ability to raise chickens and take advantage of those delicious eggs is a game changer for most people. There are some ways, like all things, that are going to make keeping chickens much easier for your.

If you can feed them, give them water, space and access to some real bugs and worms, they will be happy. This article is a great and offers a simple build for a DIY chicken feed indicator for a PVC chicken feeder. You are going to love this thing and its going to make feeding your birds much easier.

DIY Chicken Feed Indicator for PVC Chicken Feeder


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